About Us

About Us

   YounGEEK Technologies is poised to provide innovative, highly functional, visually appealing and feature-rich website designs and mobile applications as well as the digital marketing programs that drive business growth. YounGEEK Technologies, reputable I. T company based in Ibadan. We CREATE innovative digital products. We help you LEARN the framework of technology. We build environment for you to EXPLORE Technology. With over 5 ...

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Get a user friendly blog, Free domain name, Wordpress CMS, Responsive design, Monetization for Just ₦10,000 Only.

How To Create a Blog

Are you wondering how to start a blog and make money online? First off, kudos to you for taking this good decision. ? (We’ll talk why so in a minute.) Starting a money-making blog isn’t as daunting as it seems. You don’t need to be a technical person or shell a huge load of money. You just need to follow the right guide to start your own blog. I have been blogging since 2013 and am thankful to my blogs for helping me clear off financial debts, making me financially independent and ultimately living a life, the laptop style. And, in this article, I will walk you through the exact steps you need to follow to get your first blog up and running.

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Grammarly Affiliate Program – Earn $0.20 Per Free Registration.
30 Jul

Best Affiliate product for New & Pro bloggers to promote and earn huge revenues. No need to make sales to earn commissions, this affiliate is based on CPA (Cost Per Action) campaigns. If anyone clicks on your affiliate link and do signu...

How to make money with Payoneer Affiliate Program
30 Jul

WHAT IS PAYONEER? Payoneer is a financial services business that provides online money transfer and e-commerce payment services. Payoneer is a registered Member Service Provider (MSP) of MasterCard Incorporated. Easy to use and low service ...

How To Start Using ShareASale Affiliate Marketplace & Make Money
30 Jul

Have you been looking for a good affiliate marketplace? Today, I will be introducing to ShareASale, which is one popular affiliate marketplace that can help you earn extra income online. In this tutorial, you will be learning everything abo...