Best Affiliate product for New & Pro bloggers to promote and earn huge revenues.

No need to make sales to earn commissions, this affiliate is based on CPA (Cost Per Action) campaigns.

If anyone clicks on your affiliate link and do signup you will get paid $0.20 per free registration. Later, if the user upgrades his plan then you will be get paid $20.

You can easily make $10-50 per day with Grammarly affiliates.

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Here is the highlight of this Affiliate product:

Earn $0.20 per FREE registration (no payment info required!)• Receive $20 per premium upgrade
• Increased payout tiers for top-performing affiliates
• Extra generous 90 day cookie window
• High conversion rates (20-30%)
• Regular performance incentives & cash bonuses
• Publisher-friendly PPC bidding policy
• Custom links, creatives, program terms and co-branded landing pages available
• Highly versatile educational product for all audiences (i.e. educators, students, professionals)
• Reputable company working with leading universities

How To Start?

1. Click here to Sign up for Grammarly.

Grammarly signup for affiliates

2. Apply for being affiliate.

3. You will get confirmed in 2-3 working business days.

4. Once you will get approved then they will provide you affiliate banners and links to promote.


Now login your dashboard of Grammarly affiliate’s account, navigate your live offers. Click on any offer and generate banner code. Copy that code.
Now paste that code as HTML/Javascript on your blog. You will see that a banner from grammarly is live on your blog.
Send an email to your affiliate manager that you have placed banner on your blog within 7 days. You can find the email address of your affiliate manager after logging into your dashboard. Now they will credit 25 USD in your account once they check your banner.
They pay every last week of the month
Additional Tips
Don’t remove the banner till you get paid. Never try to do spam by applying for more than one blog. This is one time for a user. You can earn extra by promoting your links. You will get $0.20 per sign up and $20 when a user will buy their premium package.
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